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The International Association of Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine (IASRM ) is an independent, non-profit organization that aims to support and raise advancement in stem cell science and its applications to human health. This organization has been established to bring together researchers, clinicians, health professionals, and companies interested in Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine.

IASRM is essential to Scientists/ Doctors/ Researchers/ Entrepreneurs/ Academia/ Medtech companies / Industries, working in Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cell, Tissue Engineering, translational medicine and gene & Cell based therapies.

IASRM is open to all those who have manifested a continuous interest in any discipline important to stem cell research, personalised medicine, Individualome, and regenerative medicine as evidenced by work in the field, original contribution and attendance at meeting concerning stem cell research and therapeutics.

Prabhu Chandra Mishra

Diana Mihai

Mexico Chapter Chairperson


Medicina Estética y Antienvejecimiento

Fellowship Gyn Cosmetic
Representante principal IASRM México

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