- 7 days hands on training

- Live clinical applications

- One to one training

- Scientific sessions

- Written protocol

- Limited seats

Learn hands-on & live program on stem cell and regenerative medicine


With Unrestricted State License

DURATION: 1-year Online

7-days Hand On at IASRM designated centers

One of the problems in the stem cell field is that so few doctors have adequate training on stem cells (biology, transplantation, regulatory issues, GMP, ethics, patient rights etc.) and yet they are treating loads of patients in a for-profit-setting. This practice not only puts patients at great risk but also themselves being at greater risk in terms of punitive regulatory actions and patient litigation. More broadly, the untrained practice of stem cell-based medicine puts the stem cell field at risk.

The International Association of Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine (IASRM) has recently started its Fellowship Training Program in Stem Cell-based Cellular and Regenerative Medicine the main aim is to educate fellow medical professionals under the guidance of world’s leading and eminent clinicians, researchers, academicians, and industrialists.

Why risk your profession and reputation? Learn proper. Learn from IASRM.


Key Features of Fellowship

Subspeciality Training Regenerative Medicine in Gynecological Diseases & Functional Urology. The training will include the following:


One to one specialty wise training for Gynecological Diseases, Regenerative Penoplasty, Orthopaedics, Dermatological & Plastic Conditions. The training will consists of theoretical introduction, live cases, videos, safe and proper collection, selection of the right technology of centrifuging, use of local anesthesia (cream and injectable), technique of injection of PRP, Microfragmented Adipose Tissues, complications, follow ups, informed consents, regulatory and ethical requirements, setups of regenerative express clinics and center of excellence. Trainings will be done at IASRM Training Centers.


Training will include all topics on Stem Cells, Cell Based Therapy, aesthetic, functional and regenerative effects of the use of PRP, Microfragmented Adipose Tissues, SVF and Regenerative Growth Factors on external genitalia - clitoris and its sensitivity and response to stimulation, the vagina (G Spot), mild to moderate stress urinary incontinence with Energy Based Devices (Laser, RF, HIFU), chronic vaginal dryness, in the interoitus


Training includes stem cell based therapy, aesthetic, functional, and regenerative effects of the use of PRP and more.


Passing score on the fellowship written and oral examination are compulsory with design and implementation.

Fellowship will be awarded followed by publication of one paper with impact factor above 3 on selected area of thesis, interview, and exam accredited by the International Association of Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine

Learn From the Best

Learn from the experts on Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine.

Dr. Prabhu Mishra
Dr. Annalisa Callisti
Dr. Nidhi Khurana
Dr.. Younes Benfdil
Dr.Ihsan Naimat
Dr. Poonam Mishra
Dr.. Puja Sharma
Dr. Nidhi Jha
Dr. Binod Samal
Dr. Saurabh Jha
Dr. Vijay Langer
Dr. Nikita Trehan

Associated Organisations

Learn from the Leaders in Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine

Limited seats available


What you need to know before you get started.

In this fellowship. It’s 1-year online course with 7-days hands-on/in-campus training at IASRM authorized centers.

The online training will start from 16th of July 2020.

The hands-on training schedule will be on: 

1. August 8-15, 2020

2. October 2-9, 2020

3. January 10-17, 2020

There will be around 4-5 faculties in the training depending upon the topics.

The training is presented by our trained and highly skilled instructors. You can go through our website to view their photos and bios. We are always appending qualified experts to our team, along with new courses and new protocols to assure that you get the best and most advanced training experience.

You will get hands on along with the theory

Yes, you will get a certificate on completion of training.

You will receive a certificate of completion from the International Association of Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine (IASRM) and endorsed by several universities and associations.

Yes, our main aim is to provide interested medical professionals with the skill to perform stem cell-derived treatments in their own Clinic. We ensure you that we will give you the necessary tools, protocol, and practice so you will be able to perform fully in your clinic.

Stem cell treatments under the discipline of medicine are allowed and employ materials that are produced according to Good Manufacturing Practices (or cGMP) set forth by the FDA. Our methods do not violate any authorised regulations in place. What we cannot affirm is whether the method complies with the particular medical regulative agencies in your particular country of practice. We highly recommend that you verify with your Regulatory articles to review their status as far as stem cell treatments are concerned.

All medical professionals are welcome in our training.

Yes, our main aim is to provide you with the best. There will be mixed faculties but the majority is international.

During the stem cell training course, you will engage in 3-5 live patient cases, typically 2-3 patients undergoing adipose-derived stem cell therapy (ADSCs) and 1-2 patients getting bone marrow-derived stem cell therapy (BMDSCs). We will also give training on the procedure of isolating Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). The number of patients getting PRP will depend on the patients’ ailments and delivery methods needed.

The fellowship program will start on July 16, 2020. The last day of registration is on July 15, 2020.

Total investment for this program is $4,500 USD + tax. Program inclusive of training and certification.

Limited Seats. reserve yours now

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