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Fellowship In Stemcell And Regenerative Medicine

IASRM  is the world’s leading community for industry specialists, academic institutions,  and researchers on the latest in stem cell technology, cellular therapy & regenerative medicine. Regenerative medicine remains an IASRM priority and we are committed to supporting research  in this area, towards improving human health.

RM is determined to revolutionize the treatment in the 21st century. Some of the strategies which make regenerative medicine field so promising is the transplantation of stem cells, progenitor cells or tissue, the use of cells as delivery-vehicles for therapeutic agents such as genes and cytokines and stimulation of the body’s own repair processes.

All regenerative medicine strategies involve harnessing, stimulating or guiding endogenous developmental or repair processes. Stem cell research plays a central role in regenerative medicine and spans the disciplines of tissue engineering, cellular therapeutics, biomaterials (sca olds and matrices), molecular medicine, genome editing , immunotherapy, molecular oncology , developmental cell biology, gene therapy, and nanotechnology. Hence, in the light of the benefits of stem cell research, regenerative medicine, and advanced therapeutics, it is our goal to educate the professionals about these advanced cellular therapies which can give outstanding results for a patient’s treatment!

Why Stem Cell Training Is Essential For Physicians?

Stem cell-based regenerative and cellular medicine is an emerging and exciting area of medical practice. While bone marrow transplantation, a stem cell-based therapy, has been into practice for decades, however, newer and more diverse forms of stem cell-based therapies have emerged to treat a rapidly growing population of patients across the globe. An increasing number of physicians untrained in stem cell-based regenerative and cellular medicine are in fact transplanting stem cells into hundreds of patients for a diverse set of conditions. Furthermore, as stemcell technology advances, physician with academic affiliations may look forward to legitimately practicing regenerative and cellular medicine.

What little training that physicians can currently obtain must be found on an ad hoc basis. This article acts as a call for the One-year Fellowship training program to train physicians in the practice of Stem-cell based cellular and regenerative medicine.

Prevailing Problem

A critical physician training gap in a rapidly emerging field of regenerative medicine.

Various regulatory bodies are increasingly taking regulatory action such as issuing warning letters to physicians and clinics in the novel area of stem cell-based cellular and regenerative medicine, notifying the problems associated with the lack of academic training and the increasing level of patient risks as perceived by the regulatory bodies. What are the risks associated with transplants of in-vitro propagated stem cells into human patients?

Stem cells propagated in-vitro are known to change their properties in ways that increase risk such as,to acquire mutations, often in oncogene-associated pathways; to rate; to be contaminated with xenoantigens that could potentially ignite immune reactions, and to potentially be cross-contaminated with other cell types. For these and other reasons, the regulatory bodies have defined in-vitro propagated stem cells as ‘drugs’.

Currently, physicians conducting stem cell transplants for patients are predominantly general and plastic surgeons as well as dermatologists, urologists, gynecologists and obstetricians. Primarily, these physicians are transplanting adult stem cells consisting of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) derived from adipose tissue or bone marrow. In certain scenarios, MSCs are administered intravenously, while other patients receive local injections in target locations. Highly prevalent institutional mechanism by which these physicians transplant stem cells is through relatively small, point-of-care for profit clinics that lack academic affiliations. Huge number of parents have already received stem cell transplants across the globe through such clinics, a fact that ironically most physicians are unaware of today. However, it is important to note that interest in cellular medicine amongst physicians is increasing in the academic sphere which includes large teaching hospitals.


A fellowship program in Stem cell based Regenerative & Cellular Medicine

To address the education and training gaps in this new area of medicine, we bring you an academic medical fellowship program in stem cell-based regenerative and cellular medicine. This 1-year fellowship program is designed in a way to provide you essential knowledge of Stem Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine. The training program would comprise of e-learning sessions, Hands on training and submission of thesis. The rapidly changing nature of stem cell research and large number of ongoing clinical trials necessitates that the proposed training program would evolve over time.

Course Methodology

  • Theoretical Lectures are Online through IASRM LMS on weekend
  • Practical/ Hands-on/ Live demonstration training will be in New Delhi. The candidate will receive four options/schedules during a year to join this. All Practical training will be in New Delhi, India or any other affiliated centre of IASRM.
  • The Candidates must submit a thesis/ research paper during this fellowship program.
  •  The candidate must pass the exam, which will be conducted online.

Course Curriculum

Common Modules for all specialities

  • Introduction to Stem cells and Clinical Applications of Stem cells
  • Embryonic stem cells, IPSC’s, Properties and Clinical Research
  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) – Basics, Applications and Preparation
  • BMAC-Bone and Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant.
  • Fat Grafting, Macro-fat, Nano Fat, Micro-Fragmented adipose tissues, SVF & Mesenchymal Stem Cells.
  • Exosomes, Secretomes, Liposomes and other regenerative therapies.
  • Perinatal Biologics, Cord Blood Banking, Amniotic Fluid Stem Cells, Amniotic membranes, placental extracts, Wharton jelly, cord tissues.
  • Dental Pulp stem cells, wisdom teeth stem cells and dental stem cell banking,
  • Regulatory and Ethical Requirements for Registered Medical Facility
  • Stem Cell Culture and Laboratory Guidelines Training
  • Clinical Trials, Research Publications & How to write Research Grants, Proposals & Trainings
  • Latest Advances in Translational Medicine and ImmunoTherapy
  • Introduction to CAR-T Therapy and Genome Editing Tools
  • Exosome Therapeutics: Introduction, Isolation and Clinical Trial Protocols
  • Intellectual Property, Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights in Regenerative Medicine and Biotechnology
  • Commercialisation, Funding Agencies and Marketing Strategies
  • Basics of Tissue Engineering, Scaffolds, Cellular Matrix, and biological grafts.
  • Energy Based Devices, Low Laser Light therapies, Hyperbaric Oxygen therapies, and carboxy therapies.
Duration: One Year, 7 Days Practical Training
  • 7 days hands on training
  • Live clinical applications
  • One to one training
  • Scientific sessions
  • Written protocol
  • Limited seats


  • USD: $ 5,500.00
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