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Masterclass In Regenerative Medicine In Infertility

Extensive practical & hands-on training on prp, bmac, svf, fat grafting, exosomes, amniotic membranes, amniotic fluid, placental extract, mesenchymal stem cells, bhrt and many advances in gynaecological diseases like thin endometrium, pre mature ovarian failure , early menopause, endometriosis, vaginal atrophy, azoospermia etc.


Our Aim is to educate fertility specialists in treating couples facing challenges to con-ceive due to:

  • Early onset of menopause
  • Low AMH Level
  • Premature Ovarian Failure
  • Primary Ovarian Insufficiency
  • Thin Endometrial Lining
  • Recurrent Implantation Failure
  • Asherman Syndrome
  • Low Sperm Count and Sexual Dysfunction

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Basics Of Regenerative Medicine
Introduction, Definition, Classifications, Applications, Future Directions
Module 2: Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy
Definition, Classification, Prepararion, Manual & commercial kit based preparations, Applications, Inclusion Criteria, Exclusion Criteria, Informed consent, Pre & Post procedure requirements, Clinical studies and Future direction
Module 3: BMAC & Bone Marrow Derived Stemcells
Haematopoetic Stem Cells, Bone Marrow Aspiration, Site selection, Inclusion & exclusion criteria, BMAC Preparartion, Applications.
Module 4: Fat Grafting, Adipose Stemcells and Mesenchymal Stemcell Therapy Liposuction,site selection,preparation of Micro Fragmented Adipose tissues,Classification of macro, micro, nano fat, SVF, mesenchymal stemcells , procedure requirements, etc.
Module 5: Thin Endometrium & Asherman Syndrome
Detailed analysis, Clinical Trials, Protocols, Research Paper Reviews, Clinical Requirements, Protocols, IUI- Canula Injcetion Technique, Hysteroscopic Injection Technique and analysis, Result interpretation, TVS, Color Dopler , Hormone analysis , Further Directions for Natural cycle or IVF.
Module 6: Premature Ovarian Failure or Ovarian Insufficiency
Laparoscopic Injection Techniques and detailed analysis. Hormone Profile and MRI Analysis.
Module 7: Male Infertilty
  • Cell based therapy studies in Oligospermia, Azzospermia, Sertoli cell syndrome etc.
  • Inclusion Criteria, Exclusion Criteria etc.
Module-8: Erectile Dysfunction and Penile Enlargement
Cell therapy and holistic approach of management, hormones & nutraceuticals therapy, shockwave therapy.
Module-9: Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Nutraceutical IV Therapy, HBOT(Hyperbaric ozygen therapy) and other holistic and detox treatments for fertility.
Module-10: How to Start Regenerative Medicine in your Clinic / IVF centre. Laboratory Guidance, Regulatory & Ethical Requirements. Manpower and Technical Requirements.
Module-11: How Regenerative Medicine is in Industry
Marketing, Commercialisation, Investment and funding. How to market your clinics & create awareness.

Course Details

Duration: 04 Days

Hours of Teaching: 32

Mode: Live Demonstration, Hybrid & Handson.

All Live Demonstration will be in OR Of Hospital/ Clincal Set Up.

Venue: New Delhi India

Certificate: Certificate will be provided by International Association of Stemcell & Regenerative Medicine . In collaboration with Clinical Partner Sunrise Hospital & NewLife Surgery.

Academic Partner: Sharda University.

International Partner: Romanian Society of Aesthetic Gynaecology.


Practical and Hands-On Training

  • 5500 USD for Early Bird Registration till 31st August
  • 8500 USD– Standard Registration.

Online lecture and Demonstration(Video)

  • 2500 USD for Early Bird Registration till 31st August
  • 3500 USD– Standard Registration.


  • USD: $ 3,500.00
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