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Diploma in Regenerative Medicine In Infertility & Regenerative Gynecology

 Are you ready to:

  • Become an expert in cutting-edge regenerative therapies for infertility and other gynecological conditions?
  • Expand your practice and offer patients the latest in advanced care?
  • Gain the knowledge and skills to provide comprehensive, holistic care to women?
  • Then join IASRM’s Diploma in Regenerative Medicine in Infertility!

This intensive program will provide you with the essential knowledge and skills to master regenerative and functional gynecology. You will learn about:

  • Stem cell therapies
  • Cellular therapies
  • BHRT (bioidentical hormone replacement therapy)
  • Nutraceuticals
  • IV therapy
  • And much more!

In addition to learning about specific therapies, you will also gain valuable knowledge about:

  • Research and case studies in regenerative gynecology
  • Ethical and legal considerations
  • Patient care and communication

Here are just a few reasons to enroll in the IASRM Diploma:

  • Expert faculty: Learn from world-renowned leaders in regenerative medicine.
  • Comprehensive curriculum: Gain a deep understanding of the latest research and advancements.
  • Hands-on training: Develop the skills you need to apply these therapies in your practice.
  • Networking opportunities: Connect with other healthcare professionals interested in regenerative medicine.
  • Career advancement: Increase your earning potential and become a sought-after expert.

Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your practice and become a leader in regenerative gynecology!

Enroll today! Limited seats available.

FAQS / find your answers

The IASRM Diploma in Regenerative Medicine in Infertility is an intensive program designed to equip participants with knowledge and skills in cutting-edge regenerative therapies for infertility and other gynaecological conditions.

 A This program is designed for medical professionals, including gynecologists, obstetricians, urologists, and reproductive endocrinologists, who are interested in incorporating regenerative medicine techniques into their practice for the treatment of infertility.

The curriculum includes in-depth coverage of stem cell therapies, cellular therapies, BHRT (bioidentical hormone replacement therapy), nutraceuticals, IV therapy, research and case studies in regenerative gynecology, ethical and legal considerations, and patient care and communication.

The program is scheduled for February 1-3, 2024, and will take place in Delhi, India. Limited seats are available, so it’s advisable to enroll promptly.

To enroll, visit the official IASRM website. You’ll find detailed information about the program, including the enrollment process and any prerequisites.

The program offers on-site learning options, providing flexibility for participants to choose the mode of learning that best suits their preferences and schedules.

The IASRM Diploma program stands out due to its expert faculty, comprehensive curriculum covering the latest research, hands-on training for practical application, networking opportunities with healthcare professionals, and the potential for career advancement.

While the program is focused on regenerative gynaecology, practitioners from related fields, such as general medicine, may find valuable insights into regenerative and functional medicine applications that can enhance their overall medical practice.

Currently, the IASRM Diploma program does not offer specific financial assistance or scholarships. However, it’s recommended to check the official website for any updates on available support options.

The program is an intensive experience scheduled for February 1-3, 2024. The duration includes three days of comprehensive learning, hands-on training, and networking opportunities.