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Upcoming Webinar

Regenerative Medicine In Functional Urology: Meet The Experts!


In this ‘Meet the Experts’ webinar, a panel of international leaders share their perspective on the current challenges and future developments facing Cell Based Therapies and Regenerative Medicine in Urology.

Key Topics:

  1. What is the current perspective of Cell Therapy & Regenerative Medicine in women’s health and functional urology?
  2. How this perception can affect patient care and the field of functional & cosmetic in general
  3. What are the unmet needs in women’s health that regenerative medicine can address?
  4. What are the benefits of regenerative medicine technologies for women’s health (cosmetic & diseases) and urology?
  5. What are the challenges of developing a cell therapy products & tailored services in this field?
  6. What will women’s health and functional urology look like when stem cell therapy are fully incorporated into our standards of care?
  7. How BHRT & Allied Treatment’s affects the Functional Urology in Gynaecology